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Dwayne Henrickson

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New for 2006/2006, details on Dayne to follow.....

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Year of birth?   Star date 375984  just before the Dominion War             
Star sign?          Gemini       
Height?               ? Tall            
Weight?               ? Too much            
Eye colour?           Brown          
Favourite drink?     Rubicon Mango Fizzy         
Favourite foods?     Roti (Trinidian Dish)        
Favourite holiday dest?   None 
Date for a day?              None             
Dinner guest?             Gene Roddenberry                   
Fav films?                   The Matrix trilogy, Terminator, Undercover Brother, Mr & Mrs. Smith                 
Fav song?                     Too many to mention.              
Nickname?                   Ice    -     DwayneO                
1st record?                  What's a record?.... im playing  my mum bought me Michael Jackson Bad                
Last cd/download?       Jasmine Sullivan              
Question you would have asked?   Why didn't Dwayne get the number 10 shirt?            
Pink or Brown?              Pink              
Out of the rest of he current squad if you had to, who would you punch & why?   im a lover not a fighter                
Most famous person met?     Joe Cole - Went to school with him, he was in my form, played football for school and county together. Also midweek league.           
Bunky's Highlight?         Scoring a goal or two pass Disco.... having midweek training on a Tuesday night.......Every Saturday is a highlight              
Bunky's Low point?          Seeing Bunky players argue over a derby match...its passion i know but still.            
How does the snow plough driver get to work   He doesn't...we're all gonna die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     
T1ts or Bums?                 Bums, all day             
Outside Bunky Chollox FC, what other sporting awards / Achievements have you had?  Not gona bore you.       
Abi T1tmus or Jennifer Ellison?    
Most unusual place you've ever had a blow job?     
Best personal sporting moment?    Winning the U15's midweek league at market road and picking up the player of the season award... did i mention i was a centre back!!!       
Dannii or Kylie?     Danni 
Football Team supported?   Arsenal           
Where would you like to live?      
What's the most frequent occurring mishap that happens to you?   i slip whilst playing at Shenley even when i have grip.       
Do Jus & Rolfie really love each other?     
Best Bunky's keeper past/present?       Disco or Paul  
Best Bunky's defender past/present?       Martyn in a match -  Justin During Training 
Best Bunky's midfielder past/present?       Chris Mac in a match - Danny during Training - Daz all time great 
Best Bunky's striker past/present?       James Bell/Tom  in a match -  Sean Training and Mark Rogers Past     
Most reliable Bunky?                           Attendance - Me         Match day - Martyn          
Bunky most likely to let you down?       
Favourite team at Shenley other than Bunky's?   Hounds - cause i like that young kid that literally runs circles past me but i enjoy the challenge.              
Bunky player who thinks he's better than he is?   Me         
Bunky player who is better than he thinks?           Chris Downie by far.     
If you could change one thing Bunky's related what would it be?      I'd introduce Mid- week Training at Shenley    
Lager, bitter or c0ckail?             none , i don't drink 
Farting women, good or bad?        bad 
Is it about the football or beer?     Football         
You planning on quitting next year ?    Still waiting on the chairman to call me into his office....i have had other offers...         
Shenley’s Craig and ref Ray, not right or just misunderstood?     Misunderstood, psychology of football suggests we are own worst enemy when it  comes to Ray.       
Best Bunky’s bar snack ?(aside from the scratchins which are obvious)?    
Best impact making sub?   Danny        
Most stylish Bunky?           On the field Brett, off the field Chris Downie, he has a good taste in car and women.      
Best Saturday training bunky?     Swinners     
Who do you think is the youngest and the oldest Bunky?     Youngest James Bell ,  oldest Bigsy           
What's been your favourite Bunky's strip colour?           red 
How many seasons have you been a squad member?           couldn't tell you,  
Can a girl's breasts be too big?          Yes 
Congo, Brazil or Hollywood?              Hollywood 
What’s your favourite page on Bunky’s website?  we have a website??????             
Is Richy Moss really a ‘small little freak’? ?     
Rugby or football?       Football 
Marmite, love or hate?         hate 
Will you miss Russ if he finally emigrates?     
Except head and facial, ever shaved any body hair off?    yep, under my arms    
The ‘A-Team’ or ‘Airwolf’?       Airwolf 
‘Half Empty’ or ‘Half Full’?        Half empty 
Favourite Website other than our own?      BBC    
Do you watch Eurovision song contest?        no 
Favourite car if money was no object?       BMW X6 
Ever kiss a man?      No 
Worst injury?          Broke leg whilst playing a league match many moons ago....reason i stopped playing and went to uni....*Violins begin to play*...all in the past now. 
Best Bunky’s goal?    Haven't got one       
Favourite celeb?           same as above 
Do you listen to Radio 4?          no 
Xbox/PS/Wii?         Wii 
Excluding your own partner, favourite Bunky’s girlfriend/wife?  that's just wrong!         
MK Dons or AFC Wimbledon?      AFC Wimbledon 
Who won’t Russ invite to his leaving do?       


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